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A dignified commemoration for Mr. Alfandari

A dignified commemoration for Mr. Alfandari
Published date: 23.07.2018 12:36 | Author: PR service

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mmpmmpA commemoration was held in Podgorica on the occasion of the death of Jasha Alfandari, founder and President of the Jewish Community of Montenegro. On behalf of the Montenegrin Government, Minister Zenka paid tribute to Alfandari for his contribution to the overall inter-religious synergy in Montenegro. Beside Minister Zenka, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović attended by the commemoration as well.

Mr. Alfandari was the founder of the first Jewish Community in Montenegro in September 2011. A year later, the Treaty on the Establishment of Relations of Common Interest between the Montenegrin Government and the Jewish Community of Montenegro was signed. In this way, Judaism was recognized as one of the official religions in the state of Montenegro and Jews in Montenegro were recognized their full autonomy in regulating religious and national relations in accordance with the law and the Treaty.

The Jewish Community of Montenegro is not a big number, but Jaša Alfandari, as its founder and leader, is a prominent knowledgeable historian and a struggler to preserve overall harmony and coexistence has played a major part in the further development of Montenegrin society in that direction.

Minister Zenka said that with the leaving of Mr.Alfandari Montenegro has lost a great friend and associate and that the Montenegrin Government will continue constructively to build relations between Montenegro and the Jewish community of Montenegro following contribution in trzing to preserve enhance further the legacy of the gentleman Alfandars left unselfishly behind.

Numerous high-level persons were present at the event.

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights