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Zenka-Ismaili: Capacity development in the direction of European integration

Zenka-Ismaili: Capacity development in the direction of European integration
Published date: 17.11.2017 14:10 | Author: PR services

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Minister for Human and Minority Rights  Mehmed Zenka  talked about the importance of minorities and the improvement of their position with colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo who visited Montenegro.
Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, consisting of prof.dr. Bećir Ismaili  and  Turkesh Dalifi, accompanied by the Minister of Counsil and Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Montenegro, Enver Buçaja, visited the institution for protection and promotion of human and minority rights in the Government of Montenegro and on that occasion exchanged views on the position of minority people in the state of Montenegro and Republic of Kosovo.
Minister Zenka highlighted progress in the area of ​​the legislative framework for the protection of the rights of minority people and other minority national communities in Montenegro, adding that their position is constantly being promoted through the institutional framework.
Minorities in Montenegro are not entirely satisfied with their position but are grateful for recognized opportunities for co-operation and participation in decision-making. Minority people follow the European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes of Montenegro since the beginning of its development path, Zenka said, adding that the state recognizes this in  the composition of the new Government. Almost a third of members are from minority groups.
During the meeting, the collocutors agreed that the bilateral relations between Montenegro and the Republic of Kosovo were substantial, and that future cooperation would be richer and better due to the intensive exchange of experiences in a number of areas of mutual interest.
Both sides are ready to work on further enhancing relations and developing their capacities in the direction of European integration.
Ministry for Human and Minority Rights