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Minister Zenka paid a working visit to the Municipality of Rožaje

Minister Zenka paid a working visit to the Municipality of Rožaje
Published date: 11.10.2017 09:43 | Author: PR service

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mmpThe importance of promoting the northern part of Montenegro in the overall integration process, strengthening the rule of law and improving the standard of living of citizens in the Municipality of Rožaje was discussed at the meeting of the Minister for Human and Minority Rights Mehmed Zenka with the leaders of this local self-government.


Today, Minister Ženka paid a working visit to the Municipality of Rožaje and on that occasion exchanged opinions on the state of human rights and freedoms, the  position of members of minority peoples and other minority national communities and the realization of equal opportunities policy in this Municipality. The discussion was conducted in the context of concrete, not conceptual proposals for improving the current situation and achieving a better standard of living with measurable results of current national policies at the local level.


The Mayor of the Municipality Ejup Nurković introduced  the Minister with the current situation on these issues in the Municipality of Rožaje and the planned project activities. Mr. Nurković noted that Rožaje is a Municipality that fosters multinational and multi-religious relations. From the current issues awaiting the solution, the president of the Municipality mentioned the road infrastructure to a larger number of local communities, poor supply of electricity, water supply and poor coverage of the network of mobile operators and that attention should be focused on creating opportunities for employment of young, educated people.


Zenka stated that in parallel with work on improving conditions and employment opportunities and strengthening financial stability, local self-government has to make efforts to strengthen the rule of law if it wants the attention and support of investors. Serious investors seek security, justified reasons for their investments and above all they must have a clear idea that Montenegro is respecting human rights in an adequate way, the Minister said.


When it comes to minority peoples, the representation of minorities in local self-government reflects the structure of the population. Minority nations are a great support to the integration processes of Montenegro, and in this regard, the Minister added, it is expected that the measures and activities leading to their full involvement in Montenegrin society are actively implemented.


Also, the fact that there are more women in our society should not be ignored. According to the Minister, creating conditions for their realization on the business plan should be placed in the priorities in all policies. In particular, the Minister emphasized, there should be models for their entrepreneurial potential to be realized.


The interlocutors agreed that, in the forthcoming period , they will work more actively in planning and implementing activities in the field of protection and improvement of human and minority rights and freedoms.


In continuation of the working visit to the municipality of Rožaje, Minister Zenka also visited the Bosniak National Council where he spoke with the Council President Mirsad Džudžević and his associates about the role of this institutional mechanism  in the field of advancement and protection of the rights of this minority people, as well as its role in preserving and fostering intercultural character of Montenegro.



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