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Meeting Zenka-Hlobenj: Traditionally good relations between the two states

Meeting Zenka-Hlobenj: Traditionally good relations between the two states
Published date: 01.03.2017 13:45 | Author: PR service

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mmpThe relations between Montenegro and the Slovak Republic have traditionally been good and friendly in the discussion of the Minister for Human and Minority Rights Mehmed Zenka and the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia to Montenegro, Roman Hlobenj.

Minister Zenka stated that Montenegro recognizes and appreciates the long-standing role and support of the Republic of Slovakia in its integration processes. He highlighted in particular the dedication of Slovakia in recognizing the best interests of Montenegro and its citizens. According to the Ministry, the strongest guarantee of economic and democratic prosperity in Montenegro and in the Balkans is the inclusion of Montenegro into the European Union and the NATO alliance and expressed realistic expectation that soon Montenegro will be a full member of NATO.

During the conversation Minister praised Montenegro's national policy in the area of ​​full inclusion of minority people in all areas of public and social life. It is a great acknowledgment to have a clear understanding and support, Zenka said, pointing to the number of Ministers in the new Cabinet of the Montenegrin Government, whose responsibilities are very important. The role is important, but also responsibility, Minister stressed. It is up to us to justify participation in the Government with its effect on overall politics, Zenka added, recognizing members of minority people in  Montenegro as their country and contributing in the best possible way to its progress.

Ambassador Hlobenj expressed his wishes to Minister Zenka for a successful mandate. He noted that respect for human rights and freedoms is undoubtedly the focus of all because it represents one of the basic pillars of the value system, and that the importance of the leadership on which it is headed is undoubtedly on the rise.

Ambassador Hlobenj stressed the importance of good implementation of the reform process and that the most important and far-reaching reforms are precisely in the process of strengthening democracy and the rule of law.

It has been jointly concluded that the bilateral cooperation Montenegro has with the Republic of Slovakia significantly contributes to the strengthening of our country's capacity to fulfill the obligations of the integration processes, as well as to the affirmation of the European and Euro-Atlantic future of Montenegro.

It is jointly concluded that priorities in further cooperation have been recognized and the continuation of cooperation will be intensified and more effective in proportion to the dynamics of the integration processes.

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights