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The World Day of female entrepreneurship has been marked

The World Day of female entrepreneurship has been marked
Published date: 19.05.2017 09:21 | Author: PR service

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Economically strong woman realizes herself,  raises awareness and strengthens herself as iit was announced at the conference  "Women Power"  whch  took place in Podgorica on the occasion of the World Day of female entrepreneurship.

By strengthening economic status of women through the development of female entrepreneurship social policy seeks a way out of unemployment in many countries, including Montenegro, as well as  the greater participation of women in the creation of the business environment and economic development of great significance, said Minister for Human and Minority Rights Mehmed Zenka. 

Zenka said that the woman is essentially an actuator of many changes,and it should be allowed to the potential that she owns to realize itself.

Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulic expressed confidence that the Strategy of development of women's entrepreneurship would  create necessary preconditions and basis on which women will be able to equally express their entrepreneurial potential and improve their position in society on all grounds.

By creating a favorable business environment and supporting development of entrepreneurial potential of women new businesses, new jobs will be created the existing once developed further, as well as the total development of the SME sector and entrepreneurship in Montenegro, announced Sekulic.

Fiona McCluney on behalf of the UN system in the country conveyed her belief that the UNDP response to the situation in the country lies in the dedicated leadership, and expressed satisfaction that a woman stands at the forefront of the Ministry of economics.

It is important to provide support for the creation of favorable conditions in this respect, including active participation in development policies, and the implementation of existing services in this area, added Permanent Representative of the UN system in the country Ms McCluney.

On behalf of the Main town guests were greeted by Vladimir Rajcic, who spoke about the initiatives and commitment of the Capital of Montenegro in improving business environment as one of the elementary preconditions for growth and development of the entire community.

Edita Dautovic, president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Montenegro, thanked everyone for their participation at the conference, especially women entrepreneurs from the Region. It is noted that the examples of good practice and experiences that they could hear and exchange at today's conference were very useful in the further development of the field of women's entrepreneurship in Montenegro.

The conference was organized by Montenegro Business Women Association in partnership with the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, the Office of the UN Development Program in Montenegro and the Capital.

The Ministry for Human and Minority Rights