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Minister Numanovic meets the Kuwait Delegation

Minister Numanovic meets the Kuwait Delegation
Published date: 13.10.2016 14:00 | Author: PR service

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Minister for Human and Minority Rights Suad Numanovic met the Delegation of the State Kuwait as well as the representatives of Islamic Community to Montenegro, with whom he discussed the position of minority and religious communities in Montenegro.

Minister introduced the participants with civil concept of Montenegro according to which state of Montenegro enables equal conditions for all its citizens. He emphasized that Montenegro is a very rich multicultural and multireligious  country, and it pays a lot of attention to preserving the coexistence on its territory. To Montenegro, minority people are its integral part and because of that they have full legal and institutional protection.

With the aim of promoting religious rights and freedoms and regulating the relations between the state and religious communities Numanovic concluded that, the Government of Montenegro has signed the Agreement on issues of common interest with the Islamic Community to Montenegro.

According to his words, the role of the Islamic Community to Montenegro is of high importance because it represents the stability factor in the country, but also in the Western Balkans Region.

The Delegation of Kuwait was consisted of government officials and diplomats from the Embassy of Kuwait to  Belgrade. Ministry of Endowments, members of which were present at the meeting,  deals with the religious issues as well as humanitarian work, and in accordance to that few proposals of potential cooperation have been suggested.

The members of Delegation expressed their pleasure for having the opportunity to meet the Minister.They commended  the cooperation they have with the Islamic Community to Montenegro, as well. In their opinion, it is the example of positive practice when speaking of promotion of essential values and coexistence of the community.

It is mutually concluded that the current good cooperation should be continued at the national level of two states of Kuwait and Montenegro, because of the fact that Montenegro has huge potential in natural resources which can be tempting to the investors from Kuwait.

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights