Blanka Radošević Marović  - Director General for  Promotion and Prevention of Human Rights and Freedoms

Born on September 23, 1954, in Kotor. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy - Department of Sociology and Philosophy, University of Belgrade, in 1979.

From 10 January, 2010 she works in the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, as a deputy Minister for Human Rights.
After 6 January, 2012 and some organizational changes in the Government of Montenegro, she started to work for the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights as a Deputy Minister.

In addition to her regular work in the Ministry related primarily to legislative activity (adoption of laws and regulations and their implementation), when it comes to protecting human rights, particularly the most vulnerable social groups, she is involved in a numerous working groups, national councils and commissions.

Leon Gjokaj - Director General  for  Promotion and Prevention of Rights and Freedoms of Minorities and Other National Minority Gropus

Leon Gjokaj was born in 1978 in Podgorica. He completed elementary and secondary school in Tuzi. He graduated at the Faculty of pedagogy at the University in Skadar, Albania. He has appointed his master studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, International Affairs. From 1999. He was employed as a teacher in the elementary school “Mahmut Lekić” in Tuzi. He was working as a project coordinator in Nansen dialog centre Montenegro, as a journalist and a trainer in the field of human rights, communications, promotion of gender equality affairs and solving problems in a peaceful manner. He was the attendant of Nansen Academy in Lillehamer, in the programme “Democracy, Human Rights and Solving Problems in a Peaceful Manner”, annually held seminar BFPE and summer political school programme in Strazbour, as well as study programme “International programme for leaders” State Department – USA.
He is a court interpreteur for Albanian language. He is a husband and a father.


Žana Filipović - Director General for Relations with Religious Communities

She was born on September 21, 1965 in Podgorica. Elementary school and Grammar school Slobodan Skerović she has completed in Podgorica. She graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Her traineeship she has completed at ULUCG also in Podgorica. Her working engagement started in public institution Museums and Galeries of Podgorica. She was appointed as a curator of the Fashion Gallery. She was executive director of the public institution KIC Budo Tomović in Podgorica and a Secretary to the Secretariat  of Culture and Sport Podgorica. Between December 4th, 2012 and November 7th 2016 she was appointed as MP at the Parliament of Montenegro. She was a member of the Committee for International Affairs and Committee for Gender Equality at the Parliament of Montenegro. She is a president and a member of all relevant expert and state juries for evaluation artistic creativity in Montenegro, as well as the jury for building monuments to king Nikolas, Marko Miljanov and St. Petar of Cetinje in Podgorica. She is a president of the jury of Podgorica for the coat of arms and the flag and a member of Councils of numerous manifestations which affirm multicultural heritage and creativity of Montenegro. She got several awards from the other states for promoting the cultural cooperation with Montenegro. She is a selector and the authoress of the setting "III Salon of Petar Lubarda", in Cetinje, in December 2015. She is the curator of the National Pavilion of the 57th Art Biennial in Venice in May 2017.